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Precision saves lives

Piston pumps for B. Braun.

Every year, around 300.000 dialysis patients place their trust in our DPP precision pumps. For those who suffer from kidney failure, dialysis machines are a lifesaver. They clean their blood from toxins and assume the function of the kidneys.

This makes it possible for the patients to live their lives as they wish and to concentrate on what they love and what is most important to them.

In view of this critical task, especially huge demands are placed on the pumps: Precise dosing, reliability, a long service life and a high degree of smooth running are essential.

B. Braun, one of the world›s leading manufacturers of dialysis devices, has been placing its trust in DPP piston pumps since 1998. With their customized size and extraordinary quality, they are excellently suitable for life-saving applications.

Source: B. Braun Avitum

Precision Series Piston Pumps

With their excellent delivery accuracy, Precision Series piston pumps are perfect for use in dialysis, for example. They are also available in a double-ended version.

Certifications at a glance

We have the high-quality workmanship of our products certified by independent bodies on a regular basis. Take a look at our certifications.

Our commitment to quality

For us, quality is more than just a statement: Our quality commitment is the guiding principle that we base our day-to-day work on - to ensure that your pumps function perfectly.